Preschool Classes

Faith Montessori Preschool

Parents can choose a flexible offering of as little as two daily sessions to as many as four sessions per week.

Enroll Now for Noblesville

Noblesville Location: Sessions are offered every Monday?Thursday from 9?11:30 a.m.

2 Days - $175/month  
3 Days - $205/month
4 Days - $235/month

Lunch Bunch - 11:30-1:00pm
1 Day - $40/month
2 Day - $60/month
3 Day - $80/month
4 Day - $100/month

Enroll Now for Westfield

Westfield Location: Sessions are offered every Monday-Thursday from 9:15?Noon.

2 Days - $180/month  
3 Days - $210/month
4 Days - $240/month

Lunch Bunch - 12:00pm -1:00pm
1 Day - $40/month
2 Day - $60/month
3 Day - $80/month
4 Day - $100/month

Classes are made up of 3, 4, and 5 year olds.  The children learn from each other and absorb information at their own level.  The teacher is there to assist and direct in the activities that they choose.  The classroom is set-up to provide easy access to all activities that they may select.  They can see and reach all activities.  The four main subject areas will be Bible, Math, Language, and Science.  Practical life activities are taught throughout the day.

Preschool Subject Areas

  • Christian Beliefs/Lessons - Time is set aside for a lesson from the Bible and Godly Play materials.
  • Language - Children will study beginning reading, writing, and phonics sounds. They should know the alphabet, phonic sounds, and several site words upon completion of this program.
  • Math/Sensorial - Children will learn math through sensorial work. They will learn combinations of numbers and number recognition through 100 as well as basic addition and subtraction.
  • Science - Study of the earth, animals, plants, and several other areas of Science that God has created.
  • Practical Life will consist of activities such as cutting, painting, pouring, packing a suitcase, tying, zipping, buttoning, and preparing a snack.
  • Snack is a time for the children to enjoy a healthy snack and learn the importance of good manners.
  • Circle Time is held at the beginning of class. This is a time that many themes and lessons will be taught. We will discuss items such as the calendar, Christian themes, and individual news items.

*Children will also have Free Time daily to play with educational toys, play in gym, or go outside.