2/3’s Classes

2s Classes

We will be offering a 2/3’s class that will also follow the Montessori methods. This will better prepare your child for preschool as well as provide a safe and loving learning environment for your child.

The 2/3 year olds will interact and explore in the young skills room where play is encouraged. Development of fine motor skills are constant through the senses and learning materials and the seeds of a Montessori education is planted. Designed for age 2 and 3, here is where practical life, sensorial, and the foundations for math and language are established. In practical life, the three main areas will be: Care of self, Grace and Courtesy, and Care of the environment. Practical Life methods are strong at any age in Montessori and are the single most important area for the 2/3 year olds.

Attention spans of a 2 and 3  year olds are very limited, so the prepared classroom environment provides a wide variety of materials. Our classroom will enable the child to be very active. Rest and inactivity are foreign to the toddler's nature; something that every parent of a toddler knows first hand. The prepared 2/3's environment is a place where the very young child is able to act upon his natural energies and curiosity. We all know a 2 and 3 year-olds are in constant motion and objects just seem to leap up into their hands. The 2/3's are encouraged to touch and handle and explore everything in their surroundings.

We also encourage independence and we all know that a 2 and 3 year old wants to do things for themselves. Unfortunately, in today's hurry-up pace, there is not always time or patience to allow the small child to complete the job at hand all by themselves. The 2/3's prepared classroom environment and program are designed to be convenient for the child. The prepared 2/3's environment is his/her place, a place to feel at ease and at home. It is our aim, as the aware adult, to remove the obstacles that frustrate the child by providing furnishings to their size and having materials at arm's reach and at eye level.

2/3's Session Options

Enroll Now for Noblesville Open Door location (Both of these classes are full for 2024-25 school year)

Noblesville Location: 2/3’s class is offered on M/W or T/Th from 9 - 11:30 a.m.  

2 Days - $240/month   Monday and Wednesday 
2 Days - $240/month   Tuesday and Thursday 

Enroll Now for Westfield Union Street location (324 South Union Street, Wesfield) 

2/3's class is offered M/W or T/Th 9:15-12 (Both of these classes are full for 2024-25 school year)

2 Days - $240/month   Monday and Wednesday 
2 Days - $240/month   Tuesday and Thursday 

Enroll now for Westfield Lifepointe Location (3233 W. 166th Street, Westfield) WE HAVE ONE SPOT ON T/TH ONLY)

2/3's class is offered M/W or T/Th 9:15-12  

2 Days - $240/month   Monday and Wednesday (FULL)
2 Days - $240/month   Tuesday and Thursday (1 SPOT LEFT)